Why Anxiety Is Killing You Everyday?

You must be an anxious person who gets worried for even little things in life, aren't you? You may have read so many articles regarding how to overcome anxiety in life and obviously that's why you are here.

First of all, learn to accept the fact that no one but only you are the controller of your own life. I know you may be fed up with people saying 'get over it, think positive' etc but come on, we know how hard it is to go through this in everyday life. There are plenty of people like you who are worried about even little things in life such as going to work, to speak to someone on the phone or even going to supermarket. I know how hard it is to get over it as I know someone in life who feel the exact way and that person only talked to me openly about that so I can relate to that (I lied to you, that person is myself). Yes I was a person who felt anxious for every little things in life. When I mean every little things, I mean it to the core. It started when I turned 16, I was a very active kid at school and I was not worried about anything until it struck me out of the blue. I started worrying about everything in life by anticipating negative things. If I have to call the doctor's office to make an appointment the next day, my brain would start throwing all the possible negative things at me that could happen from making that phone call. We know making a phone call is not a big deal, but something was strongly turning my mind around. Another example is thinking too far ahead into the future. I am someone who think far beyond 10 years into the future sometimes and worry about things that could possibly go wrong. Come on, we are talking about something that has never taken place or will never happen (i may not be even alive then!) I also used to get worried before I leave for work, I was nervous what could go wrong if I made some mistake at work that p** off my employer (even though it was a small part time work!) All I can tell you is how fed up I was with my life and also jealous of people who could handle anything that life throws at them. I learned that I needed to toughen up to end this feeling and to live on this earth. 

I have researched so much about the root of anxiety and the best way to over come it but all i find is medications, meditation, counseling etc. I am in no way arguing that these things don't work but it takes time and still the anxiety can creep back into your mind gradually.

So if you are the person who is scared/anxious about very small things in life then read on my remedy. Have you heard of 'What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger'? Well, that's the exact same mantra I have used throughout my situations and I must say it is working unbelievably effective! Whenever I feel down, I always think about it this way; if I am not going to be harmed physically in anyway, if I am not going to be executed/shot/stabbed by someone, If I am going to be physically 100% fine at the end of the day, then WHAT SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT, WHY SHOULD I WORRY?

Yes, this is exactly i have used all the time whenever I felt anxious. If someone make fun of me, I will be sad and wouldn't know how to handle the situation in the past. However, I learned that these are experiences in life that we can improvise. I have improvised my response to these kind of situations over time in life, so if someone embarrass me then I take it as an 'emotional investment' which I can use in the future to handle a situation like that much better. At the end of the day I think of it like this, Who is perfect in this world anyway? So I embrace 'I make mistake, but I learn from it because I am a human'

So back to our core subject 'anxiety', Anxiety is nothing but the negative anticipation of a future event. Yes, you won't read it anywhere, I made that sentence myself (I am too good right?). People who are anxious, worry about every little negative things that will happen in a given situation of the future. So my question is, why not think only the positive things that would happen in the situation? Why we waste energy thinking of negative things that 99.99% time, may never occur. In my case, all the negative things I implanted in my mind of a future event, had never happened, in fact it all turned out to be much much positive. So even when I get anxious for little things, I think about people who are very much less fortunate than me such as people who doesn't have food to eat 3 times a day, people/kids who has terminal illness but still stays stronger, people who work unbelievably hard to provide for their family even by cleaning toilet and still find happiness, innocent people who are waiting to be executed (good example is the 'isis' killing going on in the middle east). Then I think about myself, do I have any of this? Then why the f*** do I worry? How blessed am I?. All of us will die anyway so why don't we toughen up and live the life to the fullest by not worrying of little things and getting courage from people who are not as lucky as us on this earth. Remember, negative thinking is created by your own mind. In fact you are your own executioner!

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