Android and iPhone game Bird Bro will soon hit the Market

Hello everyone. I know it has been very very very very long since my last post. I was in a roller coaster of life, which made my attention and focus to divert from this blog. I was busy with my studies and other responsibilities, however, I really missed writing for this blog and interacting with my readers. I am glad I am back and I am back with a Bang!

Yes, my friend who is an App developer is in the process of developing the "Game of the year" as he calls it. I am very excited for this as this is the first time my friend trying out the market. The game will be called "Bird Bro" and he mentioned that it will be a little similar to one of the all time addictive game 'Flappy Bird'. However, it is in no way a clone of the game as there are tons of flappy bird clones on the market. This game is going to be a High Definition wonderfully challenging and fun game with more maps and characters to indulge the players. The game will be available on both iPhone and Android, moreover it is going to be completely free! but the good thing is that there is not going to be annoying pop-up ads that will p*** of us, the players.

Watch the preview of the Game here:

I will update here once the game is out and you guys will be the first to know about it. As my friend doesn't have a blog, I am trying to help him out by getting this word out and he would love to hear your views from here once you played the game!

UPDATE: Wohoo! The game is out in Android Market guys. Click here
It will soon be available on iPhone market too! Please download and support him guys!