Is Social Anxiety Causing You Trouble?

I am back after a 4 month break!! sorry but I was busy with my University work. However, being able to not write any post was bothering me very much. So here I am!

This topic has been in my mind for quite a long time because I know some people with social anxiety problems and they find it extremely hard to go out even for shopping. They say that they feel like they are under spot light when they go out. This is really a nerve-wracking experience for these people. Social anxiety might have been on its way since childhood and there might be various reason that caused this condition.

The main root of your social anxiety is your LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Yes I can say that 1000 times and that is the naked truth. Whether you believe it or not, that is your enemy. If you have social anxiety, ask yourself honestly, do you really love yourself? Do u like everything about yourself? Do you feel like you are not good looking, taller, smart, intelligent.....whatever? Think twice, I am sure you have given yourself a low rating in the back of your mind and that is the main contributor of social anxiety. You might not even feel it, but you might have a lot of negative thoughts about yourself in your mind. Its like this: you might have a lot of junk items at the back of your house, you are the one who put it there but you don't remember what are they.

When you are in a social situation in between so many people, your brain think itself that other people are judging you. In case if they are laughing by accidently looking at you, then your brain assumes that they are laughing because of this or that in you. This increases your social anxiety to the next level and you try to avoid social situation more and more.

From now on DO NOT use the word 'Social Anxiety', it is actually 'Self Shame'. You do not like yourself and this is causing you this problem. So next time you go out, think only good things about yourself, love yourself and your brain will assume other people are also thinking good about yourself.

Remember, You are your best Friend and You are your worst Enemy!
Love yourself, everyone will Love u!!!!!!

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