Top 5 Foods for Healthy Skin

We all wish to have a healthy and glowing skin, people try different cosmetics and creams to attain that, however healthy skin comes from healthy foods.

Oily Fish

Do you like oily fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel? If so then you are doing a great favour for your skin. They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This fat will keep the moisture in the skin as well as make your skin look younger and healthy.


We all use tomato for cooking and it tastes really good, isn't it? It tastes good whether when eaten raw or cooked. To maintain healthy skin, it is highly recommended by doctors to eat many of tomatoes. Did you know that eating tomato acts as a sunscreen from inside? It is because tomato contains an antioxidant compound called lycopene, which in turn helps to shield you from sun's harmful UV rays.


Yes we all heard about the benefits of orange but how much can it benefit for skin. They are jam-packed with vitamin C, which vastly improves skin texture and also protect us from immune deficiencies. In addition, orange contains collagen, which we all know, slows down the ageing process.

Chicken and Turkey

Yummy! We all love chicken and Turkey, it tastes great and really good for your body and skin. Both turkey and chicken contains zinc and protein which is crucial for healthy skin. Zinc is an antioxidant and it is crucial for maintaining healthy immune system. Turkey contains an essential mineral known as selenium, which helps to maintain skin's elasticity.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are chock-full with beta carotene and it helps the skin to protect itself from UV rays. It also aids to balance pH and promotes skin cell turnover. All these will result in a smooth and glowing skin. Sweet potato also offer a reasonable amount of potassium which encourage growth of new cells on skin.

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