How to Make Money With Just Been Paid

I was recently stuck by this program (Just Been Paid) which was referred to me by one of my friends at college. There are lots of programmes out there similar to this one, but all of those programmes are not long living, that means they can stop anytime. However this programme, they claim is “indefinitely sustainable”.

To start with, JustBeenPaid is an investment opportunity to make passive income with just $10 to start. Don’t panic! They give you free $10 to start off with. OK, now let me explain you how this programme works. JBP is a indefinitely sustainable investment programme owned and run by a man called “Frederick Mann. and it launched in January 2010.

What you do first then? Well, you join the programme, if you are skeptical about this programme and think this is a scam, do not invest any money yet until you see proof yourself. Therefore, as I mentioned before, they give you free $10. In JBP you purchase advertisement positions, which costs $10 for one positon. That position you purchased will pay you 2% earning every single day for 81 days. That means, if you purchased one position, which cost $10, they pay you 2% every single day and that is 20 cents a day. It might seem really small but, guys, it can add up to a lot. Think this way, if you convinced with this programme yourself with the $10 they gave you free and you want to invest some money yourself. Suppose, you invested 50 dollars, you can buy 5 positions with that and that will earn you $1 a day! (20 cents for each positions). So now you are earning $1 a day without doing anything, of course you invested $50 dollars (please remember, only money will make you money in business), think this as a business. When your daily earnings get to $10 buy another positions for that money. From then on, you will be earning $1.20 every day. This is just an example: you can only just invest $10 or however money you like!

How to fund your account?

Ok, this is optional, you can just use the $10 they give you or add more to the account. Personally, I would add money because after some time, they will take back that money and you would be left with $5 dollar. Let me clarify, for every $10 you invest (for 1 position), after 81 days, you would have earned $15 dollar ($5 profit). So when they take back their money, you would be left with $5 dollar, so you add another $5. That is all you have to invest and after that all the money in the account is yours.

To fund your JBP account, you need to make an account in one of the payment processors such as Alert pay, Solid Trust Pay, or Liberty Reserve. Personally, I use Alert pay, you can use any of these, its totally up to you. When you make an account with Alert Pay, make sure you are making a Personal Pro account. Fund your Alertpay account with some money (may be 5 dollars). That’s all, now you are ready to put that money to your JBP account and purchase a position. My advice is that, before you join JBP, make an account with Alert Pay or any other payment processors and fund it with $5 or above that. That is it, then sign up on JBP and get the $10 they give you free. The very next day you will see 20 cents in your account and it continues. Thereafter, when you are fully convinced it works, put the $5 in your payment processor to JBP.

My JBP account proof (how much money I made so far)

My Daily earning means the amount I earn a day. I earn $5 a day now because I just started recently. Also you can see on the right that I have 25 active positions (I only invested $20 and bought 2 positions), the rest of the positions I bought are with the money I earned there by compounding (reinvesting the money I earned there)

This is really legitimate and so many people are making money everyday but most people are hiding away from this site because people think this is scam. I am a real person living in London and I make money from this. If you join Just been Paid, I will be there to help you in each step regardless of where you from! After you joined under me, I will get notification from JBP and I will personally email you instantly to let you know what step you need to take next.

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