Why YouTube

There are so many people who are willing to spend even 12 hours or more on YouTube, but my question is ‘why YouTube’.

There are so many people who like to spend time on YouTube and some of them benefit from it. There are some people out there who are YouTube partners and make money from it. Surprisingly, very few of them even quit their day job and make a full time income from this site! Some people just do it for enjoyment such as to watch their favorite show or share their own videos with the world.

Whatever your reasons are for loving this site, so many people are now getting annoyed with its new changes. Youtube ads have become one of the most annoying things on the planet. I used to be a fervent youtube viewer. But recently I have almost completely stopped going to the site, because the ads have started to become bigger than the videos and they constantly keep showing annoying texts everywhere, which I always close by clicking the x. There are some ads you can skip after 5 seconds, nonetheless, some ads you just have to wait a dreadful 30 seconds to finish.

On the most viewed clips (clips with, let’s say, already 1000 views) (doesn't matter who posted them) YouTube automatically implements a 5 seconds overlay advertisement that appears over the player and blocks out (darkens) everything else. (It gives a bit of time for the clip to load in the background as well).

Another frustrating factor is the copyrighted content. Yes, it is not acceptable to post copyrighted content on here, but even if the video is yours, you can’t even add a popular background music to that. They would say it is copyright infringement. Now think carefully, how many of the videos you watched on YouTube contained original content? Some of them are totally copyright infringement; however, practically everything of interest on YouTube is copyrighted content. 

Now, you may have so many reasons to argue and say why YouTube is your favourite: then post it in the comment below!

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