Why most people don't make money online?

Everyone dream of becoming financially free and enjoy their life by doing what they love to do. However, this is not what always happening and it is a fact that life is like a sea and you have to swim until you find a land! Some will find a land soon and some will die in the sea by not finding a land.

Millions of people are using internet today but how many people are earning money online? Well only very few people. There are so many ways to make money online, nevertheless people who are searching for "How to make money online?" will only encounter some scam sites which claim that you will make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day or a week. There are some genuine ways to make a passive income and one of them is blogging.  You might be saying, well everyone know that, but it just doesn't work. Some of you might have even tried blogging and after a while you might have thought that it isn't making me any money and I am gonna quit! That is the word you need to delete from your mind (QUIT) to become successful in the online world of blogging. Blogging needs consistency, commitment and dedication, remember this CCD. Most people fail to make money from blogging due to the inconsistency and the hungry to make millions. Let me tell you this, if you love writing, whether it is your personal experience or something you know or love, I can guarantee you, you will become successful in blogging. Blogging is much more than making money, it is a service that you provide to your readers. Do not follow money, follow your interest, money will follow you!

You might have heard of making money from survey sites by doing surveys. This is actually legitimate and you will make some money from that, but it will take you may be 1 month to earn even 5-10 dollars. Some people make more money from that however it is really hard. You might need to complete a survey that takes around 20-25 minutes and still get paid 50 cents or 2 dollars. Also, the number of surveys you get depends upon your geography, age, ethinicity, etc.

Some people do not make money online because of the fear of losing money from their own pocket. There are lots of scam sites out there saying if you invest this much money, you will make this much. Lot of people fall for this lie and they lose their money. This bad experience from the past make people believe that they will never be able to earn money online.

If you have the consistency, positive outlook and belief in yourself, you can make some money online. Do not fall for the scam sites, 99% of those sites are totally scam and the other 1% we can't trust also!

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