Top 7 Ways For Anti Ageing

People start to seek solution for this problem when they get to a certain age. If they are rich, they will splash out thousands of bucks to buy creams or to do cosmetic surgery, but there are natural ways for anti ageing.


Nowadays, almost all the anti ageing creams out there have vitamin C or E in it. So, what if you eat vegetables and fruits that contain those vitamins, the result will be an amazing wrinkle free, healthy skin. Selenium is one of the most important minerals for our health and it promotes anti aging. Unfortunately, most foods that we eat nowadays are mineral depleted. Some of the foods that contain plenty of Selenium are:


We all heard of the amazing benefits of exercise for the human body for a long time and our skin also highly benefit from exercises. We know that exercise increases blood flow all over the body and flush out toxins. When the blood flow increases, the skin gets plenty of oxygen, minerals and vitamins. In addition, this helps to produce collagen, which is the master of anti ageing. Did you know guys that collagen has been widely used in cosmetic surgery? Moreover, exercise helps you to sweat, which will result in opening the pores in your skin and fleshing out wastes. Also, Remember to take a shower after exercise, otherwise it will accumulate dirt on your skin.

Sleeping style

We all know that, it is recommended to sleep minimum 7-8 hours, but what about the way you sleep. It is important to take note that when you sleep, don't plunge your face into the pillow, this will result in wrinkles appear in your face over time. Therefore, always sleep on your back.

Sun Light

Scientists have reported that being exposed to sun light for a long time is really bad for your skin. Almost 90% of skin problems are caused by sun light. The sun light from 10 am to 2 pm is the worse time to be exposed to sun light. So it is important to wear sunscreen protection when you go out at these times. In addition, wearing big hats or full sleeve clothes are really good to protect your skin.

Washing your face and body

Whenever we go out, we are exposed to numerous bad things that can threaten our skin such as air pollution, cigarette smoking, dusty wind etc. By the time you get home after a long day, your skin will be full of dirt. Therefore it is important to wash your body and face with warm water and a non-chemical soap. Also, apply moisturizer all over your body before you go to bed.

Drink water

It is really crucial to drink water for the body as well as for the skin. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the moisture on your skin, as a result, it will keep the wrinkles away. Furthermore, water helps to deliver all the necessary minerals and vitamins for the cells in the body while flushing out the toxin also.


Caffeine actually sucks all the water from your body and make it dry. If you are a person, who drink lots of tea or coffee a day, then don't be surprised why your skin is dry. So, you better avoid tea or coffee and drink plain water or fruit juice!

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