Make money from website testing

Yes that is right, there is a new way to make money from the comfort of your own home. I tried this myself and it works for me very well! I am still doing it!

There are people who want to test their websites and know what other people think about it. This is where the website called "Usertesting" comes into play. Usertesing is a website that allows people to put up their website for other people to test and give feedback. In other words, at a basic level, a user test usually involves a facilitator asking a user (people like us who want to make money) to complete a series of tasks (which may or may not be pre-determined) while observing the interaction, noting any problems the user tackles, errors made, and sometimes the amount of time it takes to complete a task. These findings are then fed back into the design and development cycle in order to improve the site. As a user you will be the one who is going to test the website and give feedback! Another site that is similar to Usertesing is Trymyui, it also works the same. These two websites are the one that I use!

How do you make money from this?

Here is the fun part. As mentioned earlier, you test other people's website and get paid for that! Let me make it simple, at first you sign up for usertesting (and Trymyui) and after that you will start to get email from them asking you to test someone's website. Bear in mind that you will get test that is only applicable for you, for example, you will not get a women's website to test if you are a teenage boy or an adult man. Also, only accept the job, if you can complete it well! Take a look at an email I got  from Usertesing (look at the requirements). 

How much do I get paid for this?

After you completed the test, you will receive your payment, which is 10 US dollar ($10), to your Paypal account. It take 7 business days for you to get the money into your account. It might seem small amount, but actually it is not! The work might only take about maximum 10 minutes and you would definitely get paid, not like surveys. Look at the screen shot of my email from Paypal! (so exciting)

How many tests can you get?

These are real proofs of I am making money from these two websites! I am not claiming that I making thousands of dollars, however I make some extra money for little work and you don't have to work hard like you do to fill out surveys and get paid 1 or 2 dollars. I usually get around 5 tests a month from usertesing and about 3 or 4 tests from Trymyui. All together an average of 10 tests a month, sometimes more! For all these 10 tests a month , it takes me around 1 hour altogether (10 minutes each test).

Let me know your comments folks!                                                                                


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