Is spending too long on computer bad?

You may all heard of this that spending too long on computer is bad! Well unfortunately that is undeniably true and I am one of the victims of that.

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Actually I started using computer frequently when I started college (around 16 years old). I was doing a coursework based course and therefore I did not have exams and instead I had to finish off my assignments by tight deadlines. We had to do our work on computers mainly because all the students' handwriting was worse than a 3 year old! Including me, lol! I still remember I used to spend too long in front of my laptop doing coursework then playing games then ..... you know what I mean?

So how it all went? well I was in a bust stop waiting for my bus and I quickly noticed that I could not read the bus number clearly. I did not take it serious and so many days gone without me worrying. However when I was having my lesson, I noticed that I could not even see the board clearly and I was really worried and went to see the optician immediately the day after. He prescribed me a spectacle and he told me that I need to cut down the time I am using the computer otherwise I will worsen my eye sight even further.

Luckily, it all turned upside down! I started using computer for only maximum 2 hours a day and only for my course work. Started eating more leafy vegetables (it is know for improving eye sight) and in about 3 to 4 months I got back my eye sight. I am really convinced now that spending too long on computer is really bad for you and the longer you continue using it, the more your eye sight will get worsen! Be careful folks!

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