Is masturbation bad for you?

I know most of you will be looking for a sentence that Masturbation is healthy and it is really good for not getting prostate cancer for males. Is it really the truth?

Well, I started masturbation when I was around 16, I know it is a bit late for some of you, lol! Anyway I am 20 years old now and I still masturbate, however recently I thought I would do an experiment myself to see what will happen If I don't masturbate for minimum 21 DAYS. The main motivation behind this was, I read a lot of articles where guys claiming that they have noticed some amazing benefits after abstaining from masturbation for a period of time. I began my journey of NO MASTURBATION and amazingly I did not feel any changes even after 21 days. Let me tell you this first, not everyone is the same, some people will benefit from abstaining from masturbation if they were doing masturbation excessively (e.g. 2 or 3 times per day). In my case I was only doing it once a day, 6 days. Therefore I found out that if you are an excessive masturbator, you would massively benefit from the goodness of not doing masturbation for a long time! You would feel more energetic and confident.

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Also I have seen lots of guys complaining that they all get pimples from masturbation. But wow guys listen to me, I am totally different. When I don't do masturbation I get lots of pimples and when I do masturbation, all the pimples fade away. This is my personal experience, I don't know any scientific truth or facts behind this but it worked for me. To check this I did not masturbated for 1 week and started getting small pimples.

OK now this is going to surprise you. After all this experiments what I did was I did all the opposite of what I did before. So at first I abstained from masturbation for 21 days again (saying to myself in mind I would feel different, more confident, more energetic) and say what? It worked! I totally felt different. This also affected me in my pimple experiment. As I mentioned earlier that I get pimples when I don't do masturbation. It turned upside down, say what? I did not get any pimples even after 21 days of no masturbation!

From all these self investigations I found out one thing and that is, It all depends on our mind set. If we believe something in our mind, that would affect our body for sure. Trust me guys, I experienced it!

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