Is it possible to grow taller at any age

You might have seen this kind of titles all over the internet if you are seeking to grow taller. Well, I have seen it numerous times as I was continuously looking for ways to grow taller. BUT, don't under estimate this article!

I am actually a victim of some of the scam e-books out there claiming that 'you will grow taller in 6 weeks, If you follow this programme'. I know the feelings of people who are short and would do anything to grow taller even an inch. I was 5 foot 3 at the age of 18 and was desperately wanting to increase my height and tried several methods, exercises and so on. Luckily no pills at all, because I knew they would not work as I am science student. The most unfair thing that happened to me was my elder brother's height. Although, our parents are below 5'3, my brother is 5'9 and this haunted me really deeply. All the people I met, used to say something about my height and I was really angry about that.

As I had turned 18, everyone said that I would not grow anymore and even if I grew, it would be maximum may be 1 inch. All these life experience turned me determined to increase my height. I had seen so many people claiming that when they did this and that, they increased their height, but from my personal experience I honestly did increase my height by doing some exercises. I know you might don't want to hear the word 'stretching' but let me tell you guys this, if you do the stretching exercises continuously for minimum 4 to 5 months, you will only see the results then. Yes, it will only work if you do it everyday for minimum 4 months. You won't even notice any height growth in the first two months, but after that the hard work will be paid off. I am not claiming I increased 6 inches in 5 months, however I increased 3 inches in 6-7 months.

I know you don't want to wait that long, nonetheless, It is the realistic figure of height growth if you are above 18. There are several articles and websites claiming, if you do stretching exercise you will begin to notice height growth in the first or second month. This is not true from my personal experience, I know everyone grows at a different rate, however, it will take you long time to grow by stretching!

What are the exercises then?

There are some very strenuous stretching exercise if you search online available. Personally, I have tried then and gained about an inch of height, however when I stopped doing it, i lost the height i gained. So it is not permanent, but if you can be determined and persistent then you can carry on the height you gained!

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