How to stay Happy in life?

Why do we want to be happy? What makes us happy? How can we be happy? All these questions are searched on the internet a million times a month. Can you imagine how many people wants to stay happy in life but this awful modern lifestyle make it impossible. In fact, nobody is happy all the time and no one can't be! It is important to realize that Happiness is a state of mind and it cannot be bought.

It is true that you need a healthy mind to be happy, but for a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. It is important to take care of your body to be happy. Nothing is more valuable than your health and little is more likely to make you unhappy than ill-health. You can't put your body under stress for a long time to get something you want done. For example, you should not have sleepless nights just to get your office work or school work done or even to watch TV, this will put your body in an awful situation, which your body does not want to suffer. Also if you are a daily exercising person, do not skip that exercise session just to see your favorite TV show. Having a good night sleep and exercising everyday will improve your mood and will make you stay positive and happy. 

In case anytime you get stressed or depressed, go for a walk. Yes it works! I have seen this sentence in a lot of article and always thought it wouldn't work. But really it will make a difference. Once I was feeling very low and depressed, I just went out for a walk. The birds you see flying, the children who are playing in the parks, the loving families chilling out together, the fresh healing oxygen you get, all of these will create a positive tingle in your mind and body!

If you are unhappy about the way you look, are you going to be unhappy all the time about your physical appearance? Don't you want to have an enjoyable life? Many people are sad and worried about their look, most of them being teenagers. You can not change your physical appearance but you can change the way you perceive yourself. Do not bother what other people talk about you, it is not your matter. There are more valuable things in life rather than your look. 

Always keep in touch with your friends and family, they love you and can support you. However there are some people who fall into depression because of family or friends, if that is the case then avoid them! Avoid whoever make you unhappy, nonetheless it is not a long term remedy. 

Never ever pile up bad things in your mind like a waste bin, it is going to really hurt you. Have someone to talk with and if there is anything you have been wanting to tell your partner or someone you love, tell them openly or write it.

Stay positive and be optimistic. Have dreams and set goals to achieve them. Try and appreciate even small simple things and find happiness in even small things. Try and make other people happy and that way you will become happy. Remember what goes around comes around,Give and Take.

If you still can't be happy, then you are not human, your an android or robot! haha

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